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Veteran Stories – Charles

Charles served in the Second World War as a blacksmith in the Royal Air Force working on aircraft repairs. He started at Pembroke in Wales working on flying boats and witnessed a very heavy bombing raid from the Germans causing mass casualties. He was then posted to RAF Kenley and Biggin Hill to work on [...]

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Veteran Stories – Edward

At St Christopher’s church was the funeral of ex Flt Sgt Edward McRae aged 93 a veteran of 50 Squadron RAF Bomber Command he volunteered in 1944 he was the mid upper gunner in a Lancaster he completed 19 missions over Europe. Crash report from the War Office 1945: BOMBER COMMAND Ferry flight in connection [...]

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Veteran Stories – Raymond (Razor) Kinder

Raymond kinder was 3 months short of reaching 101 years old when he passed away. Raymond “Razor” Kinder was in the army before the outbreak of World War 2 and he was in India in the Wiltshire Regiment. Upon the outbreak of war he was sent to Belgium and was part of the British Expeditionary [...]

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Veteran Stories – Herbert Smith

Herbert was a Normandy veteran. Herbert joined the Territorial Army before the war and was conscripted in 1939. He was initially sent to Scotland and then was waiting for the big day, 6th June 1944. Herbert’s landing ship had mechanical problems so he was delayed with his troop and set foot on French sand two [...]

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Veteran Stories – Len Rowe

Len's war years - As told by his daughter 23.09.1940 to 26.08.1941 During the London Blitz Len served with the 52nd (London) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment. 313 AA Battery stationed at Hyde Park Corner together with gunners on the Ack Ack guns shooting down enemy aircraft. He told me “how he gave the order to fire [...]

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Veteran Stories – Clive Knowles

We conducted a funeral for Clive Knowles a veteran of The Royal Fusiliers. This was a social services funeral and at the funeral only 6 people were in attendance. There were three Standard Bearers from the Royal British Legion. In their own words when I thanked them “It’s no more than they deserve mate you [...]

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Veteran Stories – Steven Wilson Undy

Stephen served in the Royal Engineers from 04/07/1951 as career soldier and he served in the Korean War and Japan. Stephen was demobbed 01/01/1957. After he left the regular Army he was a reservist and was called up to serve again during the Suez Crisis in 1959. He finally left the reserves in 03/07/67 and [...]

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Veteran Stories – Tony Pacitti

Tony was captured in Singapore along with many thousands of his comrades. He was marched through the Far East working on both the Burma Railway and the Bridge in the Kwai. He ended up being taken to prisoner of war camps in Japan where he was brutally treated. He was deafened in one ear from [...]

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Veteran Stories – Desmond Warner

At the outbreak of WW2 Des lied about his age and joined the Home Guard at 13 years old. He became a Sergeant by 15 and was mentioned in dispatches for rescuing people from a bombed building. When he was old enough he joined the Reconnaissance Regiment who were tasked to go to the front [...]

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Veteran Stories – Edward (Ron) Jackson

We conducted the funeral of Ron. He was a veteran of the Royal Navy having been posted to two mine sweepers in the English channel, a frigate and the most notable posting was on HMS Belfast. Not many veterans can say they have served on the Belfast. He was on board when the first salvo [...]

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COVID-19 Notice

At Rowland Brothers, we recognise that amid this pandemic, we all have fears and concerns for the safety of our families and loved ones. Unfortunately, death and grief do not pause during a crisis. For over 145 years, Rowland Brothers has been taking care of members of this community and we stand ready to help [...]

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Flowers or Charitable Donations?

Over recent years we have seen floral tributes sharing a memorial with a charity donation, one that is close to the deceased and family, feeling that this will carry on assisting with medical research or even support for the family. Funeral Flower Etiquette Floral baskets can be sent to the funeral parlour, church or home [...]

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ITV reveals majority of Britons unprepared for Funerals

ITV’s Tonight released the documentary, ‘Funerals: A Costly Undertaking?’ on 3rd November. The programme uncovered some interesting insights towards the funeral industry and the British public’s thoughts on funerals. ITV’s approach was largely preoccupied with the negative, as the National Association of Funeral Directors remark, “the case studies focused solely on families who, for various [...]

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2016 ITIJ Industry Award Winner

Rowland Brothers International, a part of Rowland Brothers, are proud to be the winners of the first ever Ancillary Assistance Service Provider of the Year award at the ITIJ Industry Awards 2016. This global industry event took place at The Ritz-Carlton in Berlin on the 3rd November 2016 and was the 14th annual International Travel [...]

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Why is Memorial Jewellery so Popular?

The idea of parting with a loved ones ashes is a hard decision and so when it comes to deciding what you would like to, it has become a popular solution to turn to memorial jewellery. The thought of scattering ashes can take families years, as they feel they cannot separate themselves from their loved [...]

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A Personalised Funeral is the Best Celebration of Life

Funerals are becoming less of a taboo topic as the celebration of life is now an important part of the bereavement process of our loved ones. A personalised funeral is a way of putting time and thought into a unique ceremony that reflects your loved one’s life. A funeral should be a memorable, and strong [...]

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5 Observations of Grief

All bereavement is different and when someone loses a loved one they can deal with grief in many different ways. Not every way of dealing with grief is healthy, look out for these 5 observations to help the grieving process for your friend or family member experiencing a loss. 1. Believing they will ‘get over [...]

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Can dogs mourn the loss of their owners?

Last week an image surfaced from the earthquake disaster in Italy, of a loyal blonde cocker spaniel called Flash, lying by the casket of his master. The touching image gives us an insight into the instinctive and natural need to mourn and leaves us questioning whether we could learn something from our beloved pets. The thought [...]

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An increase in celebrity deaths in 2016?

2016 has been a year of remembrance and life celebrations for a large number of celebrities, actors, comedians and musicians; we want to remember these well-known figures that are no longer with us. Though this year it seems as if there has been an increase in celebrities dying, and the rate we hear about it. [...]

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