Planning a Unique Funeral

Delivering a unique funeral for you and your family

The day in detail

Rowland Brothers have over a century of experience; we are established funeral directors in a diverse community. We have a vast knowledge of funeral arrangements and we understand the day of the funeral needs to be meaningful and dignified for the family and the deceased. The ceremony can be unique and reflect the personality of the deceased or a traditional occasion if preferred.

Our funeral services are tailored for you, so you can choose what will make a unique funeral for your family. We aim to ensure that all your wishes, and those of the deceased, are carried out to the letter when planning for the day.

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Advanced care planning – Download your personal wishes form

These are some of the additional funeral details for the service that we’ll help you consider:

  • How the deceased will be dressed (we can provide a gown set, if required)
  • Whether friends and relations wish to visit the deceased in our Chapel of Rest
  • Flowers and/or donations to charity
  • Music for the service
  • Whether jewellery is to stay with the deceased or be returned to the family
  • Travel and transport arrangements – where the funeral will start and finish and how many cars are needed
  • Catering and refreshments
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Unique and personalised funerals

We offer help and guidance when arranging any and all funerals. When planning a unique funeral, we are capable of pursuing options that would make the funeral even more special, as you may prefer to add some quirky elements that better reflect the personality and enthusiasms of your loved one.

A personalised funeral is a way of letting all friends and family of the deceased share their memories of their loved one. We can assist in displaying photographs family and friends share, or even arrange additional unique touches to go along with the ceremony, such as a balloon release. This is a unique way that allows everyone to participate in the act of “letting go”, guests are encouraged to write a message, such as a treasured memory or a note expressing love or grief, and attach messages to the balloon. The balloons are then released together for a beautiful finish to the service.

Some of the special funeral requests we’ve arranged:

  • Specialist vehicles – e.g. vintage vehicles, lorries, motorcycle corteges, horse drawn hearses, tractor and trailer, Land Rover hearse
  • Monumental masonry and memorials
  • Personalised funeral stationery to include photographs, poems, drawings or other tributes
  • Unusual coffins, caskets and urns
  • Burial at sea
  • Music – many different types of music are now regularly played at funerals including bells, bagpipes and jazz bands
  • Military and Emergency Services funerals
  • Eulogy – help with writing a eulogy which is a truly personal tribute
  • Online memorials – such as Funeral Zone
  • Plant a tree in memory of your loved one
  • Sound and vision relay – if a service is taking place in very small venue where people are going to have to stand outside
  • Walking funerals – we can arrange for a walking funeral cortege
  • Doves – we can arrange for doves to be released at the close of the service

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