Memorial Jewellery

There is a range of memorial jewellery for you to choose from, to hold your loved one’s cremated remains

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Rowland Brothers can help you select from a range of beautiful jewellery & crystal glass to hold your loved one’s ashes

Memorial jewellery enables families to create unique and priceless heirlooms to store the memories of their loved ones. It allows them to hold them near and pass on their memory to family in the future. Your loved one’s ashes can be set into a range of memorial items like pendants, picture frames, candles, and jewellery. We will help you create beautiful memorial items for your family and the remainder of the cremated remains can be scattered or buried according to your wishes.

Blog about memorial jewellery, what it is, and why it is so popular.

Jewellery and crystal glass

Jewellery or crystal glass options are recent innovations that have become increasingly popular. Only a small amount of the cremated remains is required to create a unique memorial keepsake of the deceased person. The cremated remains can be used to create beautiful designs.

By combining the cremated remains with crystal glass of varied colours, it is possible to create unique hand-crafted jewellery (rings, lockets, pendants, and cufflinks) or quality paperweights.

There is also a further selection of alternative jewellery ideas including silver and gold, which can incorporate a small amount of the cremated remains.

Picture frames

This option provides a photo frame that you can place a photograph of your loved one in the front, and a portion of their cremated remains will be inserted inside the back.

Memorial Diamond

For something extra special, you can turn a small portion of cremated remains into a “Heart in Diamond.” You will receive a genuine diamond, with all the optical, physical and chemical properties of an Earth grown diamond.

The same ‘4Cs’ characteristics applied for grading a conventional diamond (colour, clarity, cut and carat) will also be used for your own “Heart in Diamond.”

Hand Casts and Candles

Sculpter Kate Semple will attend to make a mould of the hand of your loved one clasped together with yours or alternatively only their hand, to form a sculpture.

Cremated remains can also be set in a bowl under the cup of a candleholder.

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