Interment of Cremated Remains

There are a number of options for the interment of cremated remains

Rowland Brothers are able to help you inter your loved ones cremated remains in a personal and meaningful way.

We understand that for many families, having a place to visit their loved one is extremely important and can be a comfort to many. It provides good options for many religious faiths, families with a burial plot, families that prefer a traditional service and families that require the stability of a graveyard. Rowland Brothers have worked with a wide range of families, and no funeral is the same. We can help you choose the right decision for your family and your loved one.

Interring the cremated remains of a loved one can be done in a variety of ways that best suits your families needs. Whether your family has a grave where your loved one may be buried, or you would like their cremated remains to be interred in your own garden, Rowland Brothers are able to discuss all potential options with you to help you decide what is the right decision for your family and loved one.

See our listed suggestions for interment options. If you would like to further discuss your options, please contact us.

putting flowers on grave

Inter Ashes in Churchyard or Cemetery

You can inter the cremated remains of your loved one in a churchyard or cemetery. Locally, these include the cemeteries in Mitcham Road, Queen’s Road and Bandon Hill, Greenlawn Memorial Park and local churchyards. Reclaimed cremated remains plots can be purchased, accommodating up to eight urns, and new cremation plots are available at Greenlawn Memorial Park.

Inter in Family Garden

You can collect your loved one’s cremated remains from the crematorium a day or two after the cremation and take them home. We can provide a variety of urns or other containers, or commission the making of something unique. There is no problem if you wish to scatter or inter the cremated remains in your own garden, but bear in mind that you may move house in the future.

It would, therefore, make sense to bury the cremated remains inside a brass urn, or place them in the bottom of a terracotta pot and plant a favourite flower on top, so you can take them with you if you move. We also provide garden memorials to house the cremated remains such as those in the picture below – they can have a planter, birdbath or sundial on the memorial.

Viking ship ash casket

Some clients ask us for the romance of a Viking burial which unfortunately is not possible. However there is an attractive alternative in which after the cremation takes place, the ashes are placed in a 3ft model wicker Viking long boat, a fire is set in the long boat and then the boat set adrift.

This can take place on any waterway with permission of the local authority. Alternatively we can provide this at sea, conditions permitting.

Inter Cremated Remains in Family Grave

Cremated remains may be interred in an existing family grave. The burial rights for every grave are owned by someone, usually the next of kin of the person buried there, so the grave owner’s permission will be required. The burial of cremated remains in the grave sometimes extends the period of ownership.

Natural Burial Grounds

There are a number of natural burial grounds across the country. For example the nearest one to Croydon is Clandon Wood near Guildford.

It is a beautiful natural burial reserve where cremated remains are interred rather than scattered. You can choose a specific spot among the flowers and grasses of the meadows or between the trees. The spot can be marked temporarily with a biodegradable memorial plaque laid on the ground, but there are no gravestones – the plots gradually blend into the surroundings as time passes.

However, Clandon Wood has a plot marking system which ensures that individual plots can always be located by visitors. Rowland Brothers can provide information on other locations.

Inter in the Holy Land

Should it be your last wish to have your ashes interred in the Holy Land then we can help. We have two sites in Israel, one near Jerusalem and the other at the Sea of Galilee.

Both places are very evocative with huge biblical and historic significance: Jerusalem, the city of David and the Sea of Galilee where Jesus gave his sermon on the mount.

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