After The Funeral

Support is available after the funeral to help bereaved families

After the Funeral there are other arrangements you need to make to ensure that all people and organisations that have a relationship or account with the deceased, are aware of their passing. You may not know all of the companies they had an account with, and so we have put together a comprehensive list to help you with who to inform.

Download our Who to Inform Checklist


After the funeral, Rowland Brothers want to ensure you feel supported. We offer bereavement care to assist you with the grieving process, as well as group sessions intended to help you meet and talk to others experiencing grief. These sessions are for you to share your own experiences, to help you through your bereavement.

When you are grieving it is easy to feel alone. Rowland Brothers will put you in touch with bereavement services and counselors to ensure you have someone to talk to, if you aren’t comfortable talking with family, friends or us. With over 140 years of experience assisting families, we understand the importance of being able to grieve your loved one. We’re here to help.

Visit our bereavement support page for useful resources, upcoming bereavement support groups, our bereavement support Facebook page and local support numbers you can contact for help. You can also contact us for help and advice with grief.