Bereavement support that’s professional, personal… and free

We understand how terribly painful and lonely it can feel when we suffer a bereavement. We can offer you pastoral support, a confidential and non-judgemental “listening ear”, counselling and much more – with professionalism and sensitivity.

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What We Do

Our team are here to provide help and support to all those suffering a bereavement.

1:1 Pastoral Support/ Counselling

Our 1:1 sessions can be held either in person or online. We will help you work through your bereavement and any specific issues you may be dealing with, offering emotional support and practical guidance to help you get through this difficult time

Group Sessions

Talking to others who are going through bereavement is a great way to deal with your own grief. For those who wish to do so, we have group sessions that will provide the emotional support you need, whilst meeting others who know exactly what you are going through.

Please see details of our various free support groups on our events page.

Email for details of how to join.

‘Never Alone’ drop ins

The aim of our renowned bereavement support drop ins is to facilitate safe places for people who have suffered the loss of a loved one to make meaningful connections with one another and to build supportive relationships. Our drop ins operate online and in various locations (when COVID restrictions allow).

For more details see our events page or email:


Grief Groups

Pastoral Support

1:1 Sessions

Online and In Person

Our History

The Rowland Brothers Foundation was set up in 1984, and registered as a charity in 2017, by Tony Rowland, MBE. at a time when professional bereavement counselling was not yet widely available. Tony had the vision to to provide a free service that offers both practical and emotional support to those who have suffered the loss of a loved one. Serving our clients with professionalism and sensitivity, we are very proud to be giving a much needed and important service to our community.


“They are so easy to talk to. We don’t just talk about my loss, but also about other aspects of my life. They do fantastic work within the community. I don’t know where I’d be now if I didn’t have this weekly telephone support.”

“Bereavement Aftercare is a sensitive subject and the session was perfectly pitched being informative, compassionate and thoroughly engaging.”

“The session was very insightful into the different stages of grief and how these are very personal to every individual who loses someone. It was also a good reminder for the group to recognise that grief does not only come about after the death of a person.”