At Rowland Brothers, we’ve had the privilege of standing by your side during difficult times, and as the Christmas season approaches, we understand the challenges it may bring. In an effort to offer a small gesture of support, we’d like to extend an invitation to join us in commemorating your loved ones.

This year, we will again have a the Memorial Tree up in our branches over the Christmas period. You have the opportunity to place a small memorial card on our Christmas trees, creating a beautiful remembrance for the person you hold dear. Our trees will be prominently displayed in the window or reception area of all our branches.

Participating is simple. You can choose to either send us a brief message via email, and we’ll take care of placing it on the tree, or you can visit any of our branches, write your message on the card, and personally place it on the tree. This gives you the chance to create a personalized tribute that holds special meaning for you.

Feel free to invite other family members or friends to join in this act of remembrance. We will have two types of memorial cards available – one for adults and another for children – ensuring that everyone can contribute to this meaningful tradition.

Let’s come together to honor and cherish the memories of those we’ve lost during this festive season. Send a message to or visit a branch, and let the spirit of remembrance bring comfort and warmth to your holiday season.

Free Bereavement Support with Rowland Brothers Foundation

Each year we offer an opportunity for you to further honour the memory by making a donation to our charity, the Rowland Brothers Foundation, which helps relieve the hardship and suffering of vulnerable families affected by bereavement. There is no obligation to donate, but we will match all donations made to double the value of your gift.

The Rowland Brothers Foundation is a unique charity in the funeral industry that offers free bereavement support to those who have suffered loss. It includes free counselling and grief support groups, as well as training for organisations and schools. The Foundation also makes sizeable donations to many local charities and worthy causes.

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Rowland Brothers are funeral directors in Croydon that have helped bereaved families in Croydon and South London since 1873. Still very much a family firm, we’re proud to serve clients from every religious denomination and ethnic group. We have worked closely with many families in the Orpington community helping them through the most difficult time in our lives and our 150-year connection with the area makes us an active member of the community.