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Rowland Brothers Coffin Brochure

Choosing an appropriate coffin or casket to you will help with the bereavement process.

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Advice on Writing and Delivering a Eulogy

By the Bereavement Counselling Team of Rowland Brothers Foundation.

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Funeral Flowers Catalogue

Sending flowers as a way to express one’s sympathy is a long-standing tradition.

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What To Do When Someone Dies

A list of all the key areas you need to address when arranging a funeral, outlining all decisions you will need to make.

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Who To Tell When Someone Dies

When a loved one passes, this easy to follow list lets you know all the people and organisations you need to get in touch with.

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Paying for a Funeral: Assistance from the DWP

You may seek assistance form the Department of Work and Pensions to help pay for a funeral.

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Rowland Brothers Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

From 50 brochure with all the details on Rowland Brothers pre-paid funeral plans, and the options available for you.

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Funeral Planning

Everything you need for funeral planning including application forms.

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Country Range Coffins

Brochures for coffins and caskets in from the Country Range.

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Memorials Brochure

Browse the different headstones and memorials available.