Eco-friendly Funerals in Croydon

Environmentally friendly woodland burials for your loved one

Rowland Brothers offer green funerals to assist in burying your loved ones naturally in the landscape with an ethically sourced, eco-friendly coffin. This option is ideal for an eco-friendly family or a personalised way of burying someone who cared about the environment.

Rowland Brothers work with highly accredited JC Atkinson, to deliver the best quality eco-friendly coffins. JC Atkinson are Green Apple award winners and are acknowledged by The Green Organisations for their natural and environmentally friendly morals. Their wide range of eco coffins is available with us to help you choose the most appropriate for your family.

An eco–friendly funeral is a cost effective way to include more family participation in a funeral. You can have a private land funeral; use an eco-friendly vehicle and much more.

Environmentally friendly burials will eventually become a part of the natural woodland where it takes place, without disrupting the nature around it. The service can still be religious, or have an independent celebrant depending on your requirements.

Natural burial grounds do not always allow a clear marker for the grave. It is common to plant a tree instead, when your loved one is buried in a woodland burial ground. Rowland Brothers Funeral Directors are experienced memorial masons and are able to advise you on the type of memorial appropriate to place at the grave, dependent on the plot you choose.

The Woodland Burial grounds closest to Rowland Brothers are Clandon Wood and Eden Valley. These sites are available to visit and we can work with you to arrange burials at a site you choose.

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