Funeral Arrangements

We offer a variety of funeral arrangements for your personalised ceremony

The role of the funeral director

Rowland Brothers funeral directors are experienced in assisting with every aspect of a funeral. With over 140 years of expertise, we support you with your funeral arrangements to ensure you know all of your options and find the service that’s right for you.

Within our facilities we have a chapel of rest, ready to accommodate the deceased where we can take care of them until you are happy with your funeral arrangements, allowing your family and friends to visit and say their farewells.

We offer a wide variety of funeral services that you can choose from

Every funeral is different and with over 140 years of funeral expertise, Rowland Brothers have a wide range of funeral options to suit your family requirements based on the service you have chosen. Whether arranging a traditional or bespoke funeral, we are able to help you select and organise all the details for any ceremony. You will need to choose details, including:

  • Booking the church and/or crematorium/cemetery
  • Liaising with ministers and other funeral officials
  • Selecting the service format e.g. religious or nondenominational?
  • Choosing the music, e.g. a choir, an organist or CDs
  • Organising transport to and from the service
  • Selecting a coffin
  • Arranging flowers and catering
  • Sourcing the printing of service sheets
  • Arranging newspaper obituary notices and charity donations

Choosing the Funeral

If the deceased hasn’t made their wishes known, the choice of funeral is an important decision for the family to make and can be a difficult one. There may be personal influences such as religion and tradition throughout the family.

Your funeral director will be able to advise you about the various options and what these processes involve. This will help your family to decide the type of funeral that is most suitable for them.

There are considerations to take into account with every funeral type:


If you choose a burial, you will need to consider any personal factors, if there is already a family plot or a particular cemetery you would like to use. You will also need to consider the type of memorial you would like to use at the burial site, whether you would like to use a coffin or a casket, and whether you would like your loved one to be buried with any personal belongings.


If you choose a cremation, you need to consider whether you’d like the service at a crematorium or a church. Your funeral director will be able to hold the deceased’s ashes for you until you have made a decision about what you’d like to do with them. We can even arrange to have them transported to anywhere in the world at your request.

Green Funeral / Eco-Friendly

Options also include the increasingly popular green funerals with cardboard coffins and woodland burials. As cemeteries and churchyards reach capacity and concerns about the environment loom larger in our daily lives, our woodland burials are becoming increasingly popular.

What is an eco-friendly funeral?

An eco-friendly funeral (also known as ‘green’ or ‘woodland’ funerals) describes funeral services that take a less traditional form and seek to minimise impact upon the world’s natural resources. Environmentally friendly burials will eventually become a part of the natural woodland where it takes place, without disrupting the nature around it.

This option would be ideal for an eco-friendly family or as a personalised way of burying someone who cared about the environment.

Our woodland burial service includes:

  • The services of a funeral director, the necessary administration and a full complement of staff
  • The removal of the deceased from the place of death to our Chapel of Rest
  • Care of the deceased
  • Full viewing facilities at the Chapel of Rest
  • A solid pine coffin with fittings, three pairs of wooden handles, inscribed name plate and taffeta interior (or another eco-friendly coffin of your choice)
  • A hearse and one limousine (seating up to six people)
  • An in-memoriam donation to the Woodland Trust

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