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Bereavement Support

Honest answers, advice and support

All bereavements are different; the circumstances that surround the situation are unique to that particular relationship

When close friends and family are there as you experience bereavement, they want to be able to help. However it can be hard to know how to advise or offer the right bereavement support.

Bereavement is a difficult but important part of dealing with a loss. Experts and organisations that have a large amount of experience with similar situations can offer guidance and support, or even just an understanding chat.

Rowland Brothers can put you in touch with these agencies, discreetly and sensitively. We have a number of publications written specifically to help with bereavement and loss, as well as a grief support Facebook page where you can find information on our support groups and other useful links.

We look to give all families the bereavement support they require when dealing with the loss of a loved one. Our understanding of bereavement all over the world has allowed us to help many struggling families. We are able to give you the support you need. Contact us for a no obligation conversation, to find out what we can do for you and how we will assist you through the grieving process.

Local Bereavement Support

These Organisations are local to Croydon and South London and are available for you to contact to discuss your loss and bereavement experiences. Even if you don’t have time to talk to someone about your bereavement straight after your loved ones passing, these supportive organisations are happy to talk to you through any stage of bereavement. We believe it is important that you can talk to someone throughout your grief; if you don’t feel comfortable calling us, contact one of these numbers:

Parents Of Murdered Children
020 8735 3838

Victim Support
0808 1689 111

Croydon Volunteer Action
020 8253 7060

Disabled Living Foundation
0300 999 0004

Woodside Bereavement Service
0203 256 2009

The Lullaby Trust – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
0808 802 6869

Ethnic Minorities
020 8679 0924

LGB&T Health & Wellbeing
0300 330 0630

Staying Put – Hired Housing
020 8760 5505

Sands – Stillbirth
020 8657 6798

Samaritans – Suicide
116 123

The Lily Mae Foundation
01676 535716

4 Louis
0191 385 8066

Sharing the experience

If you feel alone throughout the bereavement support process, read our blogs – shared by others going through bereavement. It is important to remember there are people you can talk to, and there are others going through similar losses.

Sharing the experience of bereavement can be a helpful process. Read other people’s views and stories below – and if you feel you would like to contribute please do get in touch.