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Sending flowers as a way to express one’s sympathy is a long-standing tradition. During sad times, flowers bring the message of hope, signify compassion, love and warmth. Flowers serve a dual purpose, honouring the life of the one who has passed away, and bringing comfort to the grieving family.

Flowers are a wonderful way to express what is in your heart. Send an arrangement to the funeral service, graveside ceremony or church and also consider sending flowers to the home of those grieving days or a couple of weeks after all the services have ended to let them know you are still thinking of them.

We work closely with local floristry experts to ensure you have the funeral flowers you need, in any style, to honour your loved one.

Names, shapes and numerous special requests are possible. We will work with you to ensure the flowers are the colour, type and arrangement that you desire.

For further information on our funeral flowers services, contact your funeral arranger to assist you.

The Language of Flowers

Roses represent love, happiness, hope and new beginnings. White roses express reverence, innocence and youthfulness; Red roses convey respect, love and courage; Pink roses signify love, grace and gentility; Crimson roses denote grief and sorrow; and yellow represents friendship.

Lilies represent the restored innocence of the soul of the departed, majesty and purity.

Carnations represent devotion and remembrance. White carnations convey pure love and innocence; red carnations represent admiration; and pink carnations stand for remembrance. If the deceased was Catholic or Christian, it may be appropriate to send pink carnations because it is believed that the Virgin Mary created these flowers with her tears.

Sympathy Card Messages

  • Simple and traditional
  • Religious
  • Longer funeral flower messages
  • Funeral flower messages for a Mother or Father
  • Our memories
  • Live on through us

Religious Customs

Funeral etiquette varies from faith to faith. What may be appropriate in one culture may not be in another. To avoid unintentional upset it is important to be sensitive to the faith of the deceased and their family before ordering funeral flowers. As a guide:

Catholic – All types of flower arrangements are welcome. 

Protestant Christian – All types of flower arrangements are welcome.

Mormon – Most flowers are appropriate but avoid tributes in the shape of a cross.

Jewish – It is not customary to send flowers to a Jewish funeral or to the family home during shiva (the first 7 days following the funeral).

Hindu – Although most floral arrangements are accepted, garlands are more commonly worn at a Hindu funeral.

Muslim – It is considered good etiquette to seek consent from family members before sending flowers to an Islamic funeral.

Sikh – A Sikh tribute in the form of flowers is an appropriate gift but not obligatory. A Khanda Sikh tribute – Khanda being the symbol of Sikh faith – is the most common flower arrangement that’s sent. The family will often arrange a Khanda tribute and other funeral flowers to surround the body.

Buddhist – It is important to know that white flowers are a traditional colour choice that represents mourning, while red is considered poor funeral etiquette.

Please Note Some families will ask for charitable donations instead of flowers. This will usually be stated in any obituary notices or funeral announcements that appear on our obituary page. If this is the case then it is good etiquette to follow the family’s wishes.

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