Military & Service Cremated Remains

Honouring those that serve us with a specialised scattering

Rowland Brothers can assist you in arranging a specialised ceremony for your loved one that honours their services and releases their cremated remains in a unique way.

For loved ones that served in the Royal or Merchant Navy or the Royal Air Force, specialized cremated remains scattering is available to release your loved ones ashes in a unique way, that is only an option for those that have served in these positions.

Royal or Merchant Navy

If the deceased had at any time served in the Royal Navy or Merchant Navy, the Navy will scatter the cremated remains free of charge, with up to four family members present. The Navy ship will depart from Portsmouth, and the cremated remains will be scattered three miles out to sea. The mourners will then return to land on the Pilot boat.

If no Royal Navy ship is scheduled to put to sea at the appropriate time, the mourners will travel to and from the burial area in the Pilot boat, which carries out this service every Wednesday.

For those of you who do not want travel to Portsmouth, the ashes can be scattered from the HMS Belfast moored on the Thames.

Royal Air Force

We can offer the chance for your loved one’s ashes to be scattered from a choice of vintage WW2 planes. A fitting end for any RAF or WW2 veteran, pilot or plane enthusiast.

Your choice of plane includes the majestic and legendary Spitfire to be flown specially from an airfield in Kent with Battle of Britain history.

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