Simple Funeral Services in Croydon

We offer support for those that require a simple and affordable funeral

We understand that for some families, a simple funeral is all you require for the memorial of your loved one. Rowland Brothers can provide you with a simple funeral, with no frills, that provides an affordable service and cremation or burial.

Rowland Brothers take care of all funeral arrangements to help you manage the requirements of the day, whether you require a funeral with minimal attendees or a formal funeral with more guests. We provide a reassuring and professional service, at a reasonable cost.

The quality of your loved ones funeral will not be compromised with a simple funeral service. We guarantee a dignified and memorable affordable ceremony that you can be proud of.

Simple Funeral Service – £2110 (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday Only)

In accordance with the National Association of Funeral Directors’ revised Code of Practice, which has been approved by the Office of Fair Trading, we can provide a simple funeral service as follows:

  • Provision of funeral director’s services and attending to all necessary arrangements
  • Conveyance of deceased from place of death to our mortuary (within a 10-mile radius and in normal working hours)
  • Provision of private mortuary facilities to care for the deceased for up to five days
  • Provision of a simple foil coffin
  • Provision of a hearse and all necessary staff to the nearest crematorium or cemetery
  • Funeral service on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only (at a time suitable to us).

The Simple Funeral Service does not allow for the provision of any additional services. Coffin upgrades are permitted. One limousine may be added at a cost of £450 (if other services are required, the standard funeral pricing will apply).

Disbursements are in addition to the fees above

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