International Repatriation Services

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rowland brothers international repatriation services

Rowland Brothers formed a repatriations branch in 1971 and Rowland Brothers International has since been a leader in global repatriation for over 40 years.

Rowland Brothers International provides a transportation service for the deceased to deliver them safely from one country to another wherever they have passed away.

Our funeral repatriation service is available worldwide. With the support of a global team of assistance agents, we can help with the details prior to and after the repatriation wherever you are located.

Rowland Brothers International takes care of all funeral repatriation documentation, collection, delivery and all other details, to help ease the burden when faced with repatriating a loved one home.

Visit the Rowland Brothers International website, or contact them on UK free phone 0800 917 3585 or +44(0)20 8684 2324

International Repatriation Services

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