At Rowland Brothers, we understand the importance of honouring the life and legacy of your loved one through a traditional funeral service. This guide provides an overview of what to expect and how we can assist you in planning a dignified and respectful farewell.

What is a Traditional Funeral Service?

A traditional funeral service, often preferred for its classic and formal approach, typically includes several key elements. It’s a time-honoured way to pay tribute to the deceased while providing comfort and closure to the bereaved.

Key Components of a Traditional Funeral:

Visitation at the funeral home Chapel of Rest: Prior to the funeral, a visitation or wake is held. This provides an opportunity for family and friends to gather, offer condolences, and say their final goodbyes in a personal and intimate setting.

Take Home or into church the day before funeral service: The deceased will be taken to the family home or into their favoured church to lay in state overnight for visitation by family and/or friends and a blessing by the minister.

Funeral Ceremony: The funeral service is the centrepiece of traditional funerals. Conducted by a religious leader or a civil celebrant, it can take place at a church, funeral home chapel, or another meaningful location. The ceremony typically includes readings, eulogies, hymns, and prayers, reflecting on the life and memory of the deceased.

Committal Service: Following the ceremony, a committal service is held at the graveside or crematorium. This short service is the time to commit the body to its final resting place, be it burial or cremation.

Reception or Gathering: Post-service, many families choose to hold a reception at a suitable local venue. This allows attendees to share memories, offer support, and celebrate the life of the deceased in a more informal setting.

How We Can Help:

At Rowland Brothers, we are committed to supporting you through every step of the funeral process. Our services include:

Personalised Planning: Our experienced team will work with you to tailor the service according to your loved one’s wishes and your family’s needs.

Documentation and Arrangements: We manage all necessary paperwork and coordinate with crematoriums/cemeteries, clergy, and other entities to ensure a seamless service.

Floral Arrangements and Memorials: We assist in selecting fitting floral tributes and memorial items to honour your loved one.

Grief Support: Our compassionate staff offers ongoing support and resources to help you cope with your loss.


A traditional funeral service is a profound way to say goodbye to a loved one, offering a sense of closure and peace. At Rowland Brothers, we are here to guide you with care and professionalism during this difficult time. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you in planning a dignified and respectful farewell.

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