Colin, a veteran of the Royal Artillery 20th Field regiment and was also a veteran of the Korean War. Colin was in his National Service when he went to Korea so he was one of the unlucky ones who went to war many of the others spent their two or three years in the UK peeling potatoes and painting grass green.

Colin used to be the standard bearer for the Korean War veterans association but handed the standard back when the association folded as most of the members had passed. He was invited to Korea by the South Korean Government to be honoured and be given thanks for what they did. He was presented with three medals. There were 4 standard bearers at his funeral. 2 from the Royal British Legion, his regiment standard from the Royal Artillery and the Korea War Association Standard was brought out of retirement. Both this and the Artillery standard were carried by Korea Veterans. There were two more veterans marching behind the standards. The whole of the Military Preparation College of Training came out and performed a guard of honour for Colin.

At the end of the service before the family left the chapel. The Royal Artillery standard bearer stood in the middle, standard in hand, and said, in a clear and loud military voice “once a gunner always a gunner”