Fred who I had the pleasure of meeting a few weeks prior to his passing had lots of Help 4 Heroes merchandise displayed in his home he told me he was in the army as a National Service Soldier. He had been assigned to the Royal Engineers and for his national service where many were cooks or stores man and some were posted overseas into war zones. Fred was Bomb Disposal. It was a very dangerous job indeed. He was based in Liverpool.

During the Second World War when the American bombers returned to England after bombing Germany, if they still had bombs on board them they were not allowed to land with them for safety reasons so they were jettisoned into the Mersey. Fred’s job was to dredge the bombs up and disarm them. He was a very lucky man to have survived his army career. Fred never claimed his National Service Medal one was sourced in a presentation box from a local dealer so he could have it displayed on his coffin. This is now with Fred’s family.