Funerals are becoming less of a taboo topic as the celebration of life is now an important part of the bereavement process of our loved ones. A personalised funeral is a way of putting time and thought into a unique ceremony that reflects your loved one’s life.

A funeral should be a memorable, and strong reflection of the deceased. Funeral Director Craig Hansen once said ‘a funeral is no longer a day in the life. It’s a lifetime in a day.’ We should honour our loved ones by holding a service that celebrates their one-of-a-kind life.

This could be done through:

  • A Specialised Hearse: If your loved one was an avid motorbike rider or a serviceman there are unique hearses that can accommodate the type of person your loved one was.
  • Music: A specialised type of music to be performed or played at a funeral could be anywhere from a jazz band, or bells for someone who enjoyed Morris dancing
  • Specialised Burials: A person that was passionate about sailing, or a part of the navy, could be best honoured with a sea burial to reflect their passion through their burial. If they were enthusiastic about the planet and being environmentally friendly, eco-friendly funerals are a great option to honour what they loved.

If your loved one was particularly patriotic or even just loved their home county, you can personalise a funeral to inject the culture of the home they loved. Custom eulogies and special poems or scripture that was a favourite of the deceased are also sensitive and meaningful touches to any personalised funeral

Flower arrangements of their favourite flowers or colours, a DVD of the service or a visual tribute will make the funeral just as special for your family by bringing together all of their favourite photos and memories of their loved one.

A unique funeral is extremely important for your family, to feel you gave your loved one the perfect send off and to help you through the bereavement process with a sensitive celebration of their life. A funeral is not something that should be feared, but used as a way to remember all the great things your loved one experienced and enjoyed throughout their life.