Over recent years we have seen floral tributes sharing a memorial with a charity donation, one that is close to the deceased and family, feeling that this will carry on assisting with medical research or even support for the family.

Funeral Flower Etiquette

Floral baskets can be sent to the funeral parlour, church or home of the bereaved. Normally they are displayed surrounding the casket. Flowers for inside the casket are generally arranged as corner clusters, sheaves, pillows or crosses (traditionally they are brought to a funeral home by younger relatives, whereas flowers laid on the casket are from the family.

Wreaths are circular symbolizing eternal life, these are normally placed at the burial site. Flowers should be chosen to match the deceased personality and character, as everyone is unique a special tribute is sometimes requested.

Religious Guidelines

Different cultures and religions appreciate different ways to celebrate a deceased life and not everyone appreciate flowers, it’s not always appropriate. The last thing you’ll want to do is offend the deceased’s family at the funeral by not showing respect for their faith. In today’s multicultural society it’s not always clear what the cultural and religious boundaries are. If you have any doubts, ask someone else who is attending.


A service is normally conducted under the guidance and with the assistance of the family and close friends; therefore, they will decide whether they would like flowers or a donation to charity.

Roman Catholic

The family will hold a vigil (wake) at the church or burial ground, flowers and candles are normally used to decorate the casket. Flowers or sending donations in the name of the deceased to a charity of the family’s choosing are normal etiquette.


Mormon funerals usually take place at a funeral home or by the graveside, flowers are appropriate, but not in the shape of a cross, as Mormons believe in the bodily resurrection of Christ. Giving flowers to the deceased’s family before or after the service is appreciated.


Flowers are not appropriate in Jewish traditions; however, attendees are highly encouraged to send donations to charity.


Buddhist families accept flowers, especially white; however, sending red flowers is inappropriate.


Some Muslims appreciate flowers whilst other find they are inappropriate. If in doubt ask either the family or their religious leader.


Hindu funerals usually occur within 24 hours of the death. Flowers are not accepted.