image of a mother holding her daughter at the beach with a quote from agatha christie

‘A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dates all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.’ – Agatha Christie

Nothing can compare to the loss of a mother. Grief can affect us all in different ways, but the loss of someone so important, who is such a big part of your life can be unexplainably difficult.

If this is your first Mother’s day without your beloved mother it can be a stressful experience. At a time when no one else may understand quite how you feel, you are facing moments of profound grief and moments of happy memory. You may be experiencing hundreds of feelings.

But Mother’s day is all about appreciation, and although it is a difficult day to face, it is important to remember that today is a day to appreciate your mother.

Here are our suggestions for handling Mother’s Day this year.

1. Celebrate her life

Your mother is your mother all year round, every year, even after she has passed. Take the day to celebrate her life and all the happy memories you shared. Cook her favourite meal or a handed down recipe, and share stories with your family and friends.

2. Talk to her

Whether you decide to visit your Mother’s grave to talk to her, or write a note about all the things you wish you could tell her, take the time to mentally speak to your mum. It will remind you that you’ll always take her with you, and you wont ever forget her.

3. Make time for yourself

Grief can be mentally and physically exhausting. Ensure you take time to catch your breath and heal, on and around Mother’s day. Have a relaxing bath, or talk to a friend. Take the time to focus on how you feel and help yourself.

4. Uphold her positivity

There will be many days when your grief is unbearable, and that is perfectly ok. It is important to take time to grieve. However, take Mother’s day as a time to remember all the positive qualities of your mother. Reflect on her positive traits and try to live up to the values and morals she taught you.

5. Take a break from Social Media

On Mother’s day stay away from social media. It is filled with photos and posts about mothers that can make you feel upset and angry about the loss of your own mum. Avoid looking at your apps and focus on your family for the day.

Bereavement is normal. Share the same moments you would love to share with her, with your loved ones and allow yourself to miss her.

Be grateful for knowing your mother, and being known by your mother. Find a reason to smile, find joy, laugh and love.

Live like your mother would want you to.

image of 5 tips for handling mothers day if you have lost your mother on a background of a sunset over a forrest