Losing somebody you love is one of the hardest things a person can go through. We all lose people throughout our lives, but the universality of the experience doesn’t make it any easier. It can feel like you’re never going to get over it, or that you are lost without that person in your family.

One method of healing that many people find very soothing is commemorating a loved one in a special way. This can be through a fashionable item, activity or event. In this post, we’ll demonstrate three uncommon, but very special, ways to commemorate a loved one.

Have jewellery made from their ashes

Keeping ashes in an urn or scattering them across a landscape are both great ways of commemorating a person. But if you want something a little more original, you could opt for a slightly more decadent way of commemorating your loved one.

Sometimes it is comforting to feel as if a person is always with you. Wearing Necklaces for Cremation Ashes can be just the trick to emulate that feeling. Having a necklace, ring, brooch or bracelet made that contains a small amount of ash, can really make you feel as if that person is carried with you.

Have a day every year on which you celebrate that person

When the first birthday, Christmas or other holiday rolls around and that person is no longer there, it can be very sad. Feeling sad on holidays is no fun at all, so some people choose to spend a day each year dedicated to celebrating the life of a person.

Most commonly, this day is held on the person’s birthday. On that day you could do something they loved, like going fishing, or taking a hike in their favourite spot. Commemorating in this way can make you feel good on this day, rather than sitting around feeling blue. You might feel much closer to them on this day, helping you to keep their memory alive as the years go by.

Write a book about your loved one

If you want to tell your loved one’s story in a big way, why not write a book about them? There are companies who commission talented writers to tell your loved one’s story after having an in-depth interview with you. Or, if you love writing, you could (and should!) write it yourself, and have it bound.

By writing a book about your loved one, you are immortalising them for future generations. Your children, and your children’s children, can read about the amazing life they led, and learn from all the incredible experiences they had. What better way to keep a person’s memory alive than through a biography?

Final Thoughts

If you have a loved one who has recently departed, you might be trying to think of ways to keep their memory alive, while healing from the grief you feel. These three unusual ways to commemorate a loved one can all help you on your journey to healing, while honouring the person’s memory in a beautiful way.

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