John Rule senior is the father of one of our own here at Rowland Brothers who we looked after on his final journey. At 17 Mr Rule joined the Merchant Navy and spent the next 2 -3 years sailing the world and seeing countries that were almost unheard of back then.

On leaving the Merchant Navy he decided to join the Royal Navy and embarked on a career that lasted over 25 years.

During those years he married Mary and the family continued moving around the world for pretty much the rest of his career. Mr Rule’s Grammar school leaving grades were very good and allowed him to become an aircraft engineer where he was subsequently droughted aboard an aircraft carrier HMS Victorious on which he served during a campaign in the Far East and Egypt.

His skills also took him to other land bases where he worked on naval Helicopters and jets. During the late 60’s – early 70’s Mr Rule gained a position in the prestigious hard run and Fleet Air Arm Field Gun Crew where he ran in the world-famous competition at Earls Court and other events. John Rule retired from the Royal Navy at the rank of Chief Petty Officer. He was decorated with the Near East Medal, General Service Medal with Malay Peninsula bar and The Long Service Good Conduct Medal for Royal Navy Service. John and Mary together again.