Lt Colonel Kenneth Frederick Travers I think one of the highest ranking veterans to pass through our care. He was called up for national service in 1950. He joined The Royal Artillery. He qualified for officer training. He was trained and manned the 40mm and 3.7 inch anti-aircraft guns. At the end of his full time service he was posted to his local Royal Artillery unit on The Isle Of White 428 Princess Beatrices Isle of White Rifles and Honourable artillery regiment. This gave him the job of looking after the missile silos on the island sshhhh! He then became the troop commander looking after a thunderbird missile regiment, when he was promoted to Major he joined a pool of three majors in the Royal Artillery supporting BAOR (British Army On The Rhine) he finished his career in Germany reaching the rank or Lieutenant Colonel at the age of 55 having served 35 years in the British Army. Kenneth passed at the age of 89 a flag was placed on his coffin, his medals we mounted on the cushion, a standard bearer led the cortege to the chapel and the last post was played by a serving soldier from The Irish Guards.