Making a pre-paid funeral plan isn’t something we necessarily want to consider and we try not to think about.

But as the years go by and we realise that we aren’t, after all, going to be the first person in history to duck under the radar of the Grim Reaper, it feels more and more acceptable, to make plans.

Be prepared

Your end-of-life plan needs to deal in detail with the following:

  • The disposal of your money and your things plus final instructions and directions to those who will have to settle your affairs when you’ve passed away
  • How you are looked after in your last days
  • Who will speak and act for you when you can no longer do so for yourself
  • If you have an illness, you may wish to consider where you die
  • Whether or not your organs are recycled
  • Your choice of burial or cremation
  • Your funeral ceremony
  • The party afterwards

A plan like this needs professional assistance who specialise in future assistance.

When death seems to be the hardest word…

In communities where cultural or religious traditions are strong, people don’t worry about their funeral. They know that, when the time comes, those closest to them will know what to do; custom and duty will see to it that things are done properly.

For those with less traditional religious beliefs, unless they have been told, those closest to you won’t necessarily have a clue what to do.

Talk of death is not always easy yet, you will need to try to talk to those closest to you about how you would like to make your exit, if you want them to be your advocates, you’ll need their active involvement. Talking about your death is likely to upset those you talk to. It may well upset you, too. But when you have done it, you are all likely to feel that sense of relief which comes with having dealt with an unspoken dread. Also discuss your care wishes with your loved ones, obtaining legal advice and organise a living will and these will be acted upon, for further peace of mind and assurance obtain a pre-paid funeral plan, this way you are able to plan for yourself and take away the natural stress involved, from the family.

When the time comes, those closest to you will be informed, prepared and empowered.