Father’s day is a difficult time for grieving sons and daughters and coping on such a day is especially hard.

None of us know how we are going to react to grief, it’s unpredictable until we experience it and every time it’s different. Don’t be surprised to how you react on the day. Be kind to yourself and understand that whatever emotions you’re feeling, they’re natural.

Here are some tips to help you.

Honour your Father’s memory

Use the day to celebrate your dad’s life and all the good memories you’ve had together. There’s nothing wrong with being sentimental, try an activity he loved or do something that relates to him. This can help evoke all the wonderful memories you’ve shared.

Allocate time for self-care

You won’t know how you’ll feel on the day. Whether you want to be alone, spend time with family or reach out to others remember to take it easy and find a calming activity, which will help you relax and unwind.

Spend time with loved ones

Spending time with friends and family on Father’s day will help you treat the day as a celebration, and your loved ones will be able to keep you company at a difficult time. Being with others will give you the opportunity to share memories of your dad and discuss any feelings you may be going through to support you through your grief.

Buy a card or write a letter

Find a fitting card, whether funny or serious that may help capture what your father was like or what you’re feeling. Write a message to him, in a letter, or on his Facebook page with everything you want him to know. Writing everything down is cathartic and you may feel better after doing so.

Pay tributes to your father

Paying tributes is comforting and can bring your family closer together while commemorating your dad. If your Father has a grave you may want to arrange a visit or possibly visit a favourite spot of his

Value what he taught you

Be reflective about the impact his values have had in your life.


When it comes to the day, do whatever you feel is right, these tips are just our suggestions to help.

It’s a difficult time but remember all the positivity your father has had in your life, the good memories, the values and advice he has given you to help you become who you are today. Be happy for the time you did have with him and all the experiences you’ve shared together.