The cold weather can have an impact on our mood. Less sunshine and more dark evenings can make us change our normal social activities and we could end up feeling isolated. A lack of vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, can affect our immunity which often makes us poorly. Layer on a bereavement and this time of year can feel long and very lonely.

Here are a few tips of how to prepare for the winter months. This is not an exhaustive list but just a few pointers:

  • Do some exercise, if you need to, do it indoors! Go to the gym, take up a new regime or class. Exercise not only helps us physically but helps to keep our spirits lifted.
  • Make a list of boxsets or movies you would like to see, maybe even start a book or film club with friends. If you have lost touch with people or cant get out, join or create an online book/film club.
  • Write a list of winter jobs in and around the house you would like to complete.
  • Practice self-care: Eat healthily, focus on nutrition, relax. If you are struggling talk to someone. If you feel its right for you seek, try counselling.
  • Make the most of the better weather. If it’s a good day, get out and about. Leaving the house always perks us up. The exercise is good for us and being outside stimulates our brain.
  • Volunteering for a local project can be meaningful, especially if the project is something meaningful to your loved one that you have lost.
  • Maybe you like to spend the winter months printing and scanning photographs and memories of your loved one. Maybe work on scrap books or an album.
  • Keep alcohol in check. Alcohol when used as a coping strategy can be dangerous and a slippery slope.
  • Are you sad or are you S A D: Seasonal Affect Disorder. If you feel you suffer from this condition, get yourself a light lamp.
  • Listen to uplifting music.
  • Always be kind to yourself. If you don’t tick anything off your list, then that’s okay. Its okay not to be okay every day.

Rowland Brothers are proud to offer free bereavement support in the form of group sessions and one to one sessions where required. Please get in contact with me on: 0208 660 – 5547

Written by Justine Dickinson

Counsellor and Aftercare specialist

Rowland Brothers Funeral Directors