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We’re here to support anyone suffering from bereavement, with 1:1 and group sessions. We offer pastoral support as well as grief counselling, whether in person or online.

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1:1 Counselling

Our 1:1 counselling sessions can be help either in person or online. We will help you work through your bereavement and specific issues you are having, with emotional support and practical guidance to get you through this difficult time.

Group Sessions

Taking to others who are going through bereavement is a great way to deal with your own grief. For those who wish to do so, we have group sessions that will provide the emotional support you need, whilst meeting others who know exactly what you are going through.

Our free online bereavement support group is every Thursday 12.30-2pm.

Email for details of how to join.

‘Never Alone’ drop ins

The aim of our renowned bereavement support drop ins is to facilitate safe places for people who have suffered the loss of a loved one to make meaningful connections with one another and to build supportive relationships. Our drop ins operate online and in various locations (when COVID restrictions allow).

For more details see our events page or email:

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