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Pre-paid Funeral Plans

How to pay for your funeral in advance

Pre-paid funerals give relief to your family at a stressful time, by having all your plans laid out and paid for.

When thinking in advance about a funeral, you can make the decisions that your loved ones may struggle to make. If you don’t plan to make your wishes known to your family, creating a pre-paid plan is another way of letting them know what you wanted for your funeral. There are so many ways to create a pre-paid funeral plan, online, through the post and even with some funeral directors. We also offer a free pre-paid funeral plan guide to help you find what fits you. It is important you choose a plan that fits your requirements and can be flexible with your wishes. Rowland Brothers work with Golden Leaves, a funeral planning company that tailor their plans to meet your needs.

Benefits of a Pre-Paid Funeral

Peace of Mind

Pre-planning a funeral gives you peace of mind that your funeral arrangements are determined in advance so you rest assured that all the details are taken care of for you and your family. Knowing that they will not struggle with making the arrangements or the cost of holding a ceremony, will give you the peace of mind that they can manage the funeral arrangements with your help.

Your Choice

By pre-planning your own funeral, you can make personal choices that make the arranging process a lot easier and smoother for your loved ones. Making your choices clear through a plan is also a way of ensuring your family are aware of your wishes, and it means that you don’t need to discuss the full details of what you want for your funeral with them beforehand.

Guaranteed Acceptance

Most pre-paid funeral plans do not require a medical exam or have an upper age limit. There are no necessary requirements you must meet before planning your funeral. You will be able to talk to someone for information and advice, without any concern that you will not be accepted. So there is nothing to stop you getting started and begin making small installments to your plan.

Why Pay in Advance?

Safe and Secure

When you pay into a funeral plan your money will be protected by authorities and trustees, making sure the money you have invested is safe and remains protected. To safeguard your plan, your provider will either place it in a trust fund or invest it in an insurance policy that pays out when you die. All members of the Funeral Planning Authority must follow the code of conduct they set, providing further protection to the money you have paid.

Easy Instalments 

With a pre-paid funeral plan you can make regular instalments towards your funeral. This makes the cost of a funeral more affordable and manageable for you. A pre-paid plan will protect your family from paying for the full funeral in one go, and helps you breakdown the costs of the ceremony with ease.

Saving Money

With a pre-paid funeral plan you are safeguarding yourself and your family from the rising costs of funerals. When you pay for you funeral in advance, you are paying at today’s prices, freezing the expenses and protecting yourself from future price increases.

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