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Military, Police & Fire Service Funerals

Delivering funeral services with the utmost professionalism and respect

Rowland Brothers’ professional and respectful renowned reputation within Croydon is upheld by our commitment to the honouring the community. We have experience arranging and carrying out Military, Police and Fire service funerals and have a comprehensive understanding of the procedures and requirements for these services.

We work efficiently and sensitively to deliver a personal day that honours the formal requirements of the service while assisting the family with the many regulatory procedures included in service personnel funerals.

It is important that we respect the family’s wishes for a funeral. If the family opt for a private service, we can also assist in arranging a memorial service for the appropriate department.

Masonic Funerals

We are able to assist in preparing a Masonic service at the request of a family or the deceased. Rowland Brothers are able to arrange two types of service if the family request a religious or private funeral, or the Fraternity would like to hold a memorial, with the consent of the deceased’s immediate family. We understand the importance of being able to accommodate large groups of mourners for these services.


We are able to work alongside the guard of honour to make arrangements for a service personnel’s funeral, and with over 140 years of expertise in funeral arrangements, we understand the details required that go into the day. Rowland Brothers will deliver the day with respect and ensure that all included parties are satisfied with the funeral arrangements.